Monday, April 1, 2013

When you outlaw guns, only the outlaws have guns

And when you make ill-advised, non-deliberative, across the board "let's get serious about the debt" cuts to the federal budget, only the politically connected get money.

It's really getting hard to express how monumentally stupid this whole thing is. And that sad thing is, it's not rocket science. It's not like any of this was particularly hard to foresee.


  1. Remember what else didn't get cut: entitlements and direct war spending.

    You know - the only things that were really in need of serious reform in the first place.

    So much stupid...

  2. Daniel

    You only have yourself to blame. You admitted being, first, a conservative/facist and then a libertarian.

    Have you not come to realize that your simple minded attempts at coming up with a "theory of everything" were destined to fail.

    We don't know the future, so any attempt at some "biblical" answer is not going to work.

    Look at this technology.

    Should we make people participate?

    After all, it is non-invasive. One the one hand, this is Big Gulp on steroids. On the other hand there are an immense number of positives.

    How could we deny anyone the technology if they want such?

    You best get ready for the future, for it is coming faster than you ever thought possible.

    1. Pay attention readers. This is why I always tell you not to blog drunk (I've done it a couple times... but it's generally not a good idea).

  3. Actually Daniel, it's even worse. When you outlaw guns, only outlaws and the government have guns.

  4. I hope that the sequester opens some eyes. Here we are, the richest nation ever, sitting on top of decrepit infrastructure, with continuing high unemployment, and with extremely low borrowing costs. And Congress sits on its hands.

    My home town airport is closing its tower, because of the sequester. Unthinkable. But I doubt if our representative will lose any votes over that. How bad do things have to get?

  5. In other words, the sequester is a non-story and all the harrumphing about it was so much hot air.

    Speaking of air control towers, here is though, this, which is really, really funny:


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