Monday, April 1, 2013

Gender roles and some stay at home dad blogs

My gender macro professor shared this post by Nancy Folbre on changing gender roles today. Folbre - an economist at U Mass, Amherst - is always worth reading. But what I enjoyed about this post was that she linked to some blogging by stay at home dads embracing their role as child-raiser-in-chief.

I haven't discussed this specifically but I talk often enough about home life that many of you could probably infer that I'll be taking on a lot of the parenting for our baby in the fall. Kate works (except for furlough days now - thanks Congress), and I am at school, but only two evenings a week. My research grant work sometimes requires me to be on campus to work with the confidential data, but I can do a lot of the work from home. That means at least for the next two years I'll have primary stay-at-home dad responsibilities. When I graduate and go back to work, which oughta be around the time we have kid #2, Kate is interested in part-time work and staying at home more, or even staying home full time. But for the next couple years this is the plan. We have some local family, and there are other child care opportunities for the times I will have to go into AU.

So, not surprisingly, I'm really glad to see these daddy bloggers that Folbre links to! Here they are, if anyone else is interested:

I'm following them now, and will share anything interesting that gets posted.


  1. Nancy Folbre is at UMass-Amherst, not Amherst.

    1. Aha - I forgot there was a difference. Thank you - it's fixed now.


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