Monday, April 1, 2013

I need to get this paper out before David Neumark notices Georgia...

Interesting looking working paper here. Can't access it and I'm not going to bother signing in right now. He talks about credits instituted during the Great Recession so I'm guessing he's not looking at Georgia (although I believe they expanded it).

I noticed the opportunity for an RDD application years ago but never got to write it up until last fall. I'd spend time submitting it somewhere now except I've got this mountain of end-of-semester work.


  1. Have you considered contacting David Neumark on this subject?

    1. Tell him not to pay attention to a really interesting case of a policy he's been publishing a lot on lately?

      Nah - doesn't seem like a wise tactic :)

      More seriously, though, yes. I want to just get this paper out somewhere. I think it's quite good and then there's something in the pipeline, and I'll be the first one to apply RDD to the state. Then I definitely think I'll send him an email when I'm working on my dissertation - a chapter will also explore this more deeply. Although I am secretly scared someone will come out with a similar paper before me, the issue is more that now that this paper is written and the dissertation chapter isn't started yet there's not all that much to pick his brain about.


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