Thursday, August 2, 2012

Krugman is the modern day Mises

Think about it! He has facial hair. He sometimes of mumbles when he talks. He's easily agitated by people that disagree with him. He has a lot of followers that passionately promote him without really understanding the issues at hand. And he doesn't approve of the decisions of European policymakers.

In light of Bob Murphy's recent post, I just feel like I need to up the ante from "modern day Bastiat" (which I agree with Karl Smith actually does suit Krugman).

One difference, of course, is this.


  1. Surprised nobody has put the inevitable 'slavery is freedom, war is peace' etc.

  2. What do you think of Paul Samuelson's list of economists that he thought would have received the nobel prize in econ if it was established earlier? (see here: )

    1. I remember it - it was a good list.

      I was surprised Walras lived a decade into the 20th century. I always figured he died in the 19th.

  3. I could make better associations between a dog and a cat.


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