Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DeLong high-five (that's the opposite of a DeLong smackdown)

I had a DeLong smackdown on here the other day that I still maintain.

It even speaks to the first assertion made by DeLong about Romney advisors in this post.

He's still wrong on that first point. This recovery has been terrible - much worse than from 2001 (as anemic as that one was), and picking one indicator that only kind of says otherwise doesn't change that fact (see my old post for details).

But after that one, virtually every DeLong criticism in this new post hits the nail on the head, particularly the ridiculous characterization of Obama's policy to date.


  1. You're quite a slappy fellow.

  2. That's nice and all, but what does Bartleby think?

  3. Daniel, the 2001 recovery was worse because a Republican was President. End of story. Case closed. We are not allowed to be unbiased judges of data.

    If employment recovered as quickly in 2001 as 2008, then we'd be here addressing DeLong's argument concerning, oh I don't know, semi-manufactured parts in the durable goods industry, and how because it recovered more quickly in 2008 then 2001, then Yay! to the Democrats and Boo! to the GOP.

    Yes, it really is this banal and shallow. There is always a market for this sort of thing.


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