Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Evidence that partisans often really don't know how the other side thinks

I saw this on a high school classmate's facebook page. Judging by the guy that posted it, I'm assuming it's a Republican ad. But what struck me about it is that it's actually much more ambiguous than the authors of the ad probably intended it to be. So the SEALs that took out bin Laden were under Obama's command and Obama supporters almost universally support that move (those crazy lefties that don't probably aren't Obama supporters anymore). One could read this as a very confrontational Democratic ad saying that next we need to remove this Republican threat to health reform, economic recovery, the middle class, etc.

But I'm guessing the ambiguity never crossed their minds. Our base respects the military, not theirs, right? Our base wants to fight terrorism, they just want to apologize to terrorists, right? Obama is the threatening one. Who could ever find Romney or Ryan threatening? They're not bla... er... Mus... er... THEY'RE NOT DEMOCRATS!!!

An interesting picture to say the least.

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  1. Pardon my harshness, but one could almost say that this is cognitive dissonance at its finest...


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