Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kate and I have a contract!!!

We're closing May 10th - I'm very excited! Falls Church, Virginia, here we come!


  1. Falls Church (which is both a city and a county) happens to be the richest county in the United States. Just out of curiosity, do you work for a public or a private institution?

    1. Ummm... I'm not exactly sure why that matters, but I work for a private institution (part time for American University), and before that I worked for another private institution (The Urban Institute), and my wife works for a public institution (National Defense University), and before that a private institution.

      I googled it, and I'm a little surprised Falls Church was so high. I figured Arlington (where we now live) would be higher. We are certainly not in the sort of house we would be living in if we made that median. The living space is a little bigger than our current apartment, but actually a little smaller than our previous apartment. Once I graduate and we make that median (higher, actually), things will probably be different.

      To be honest the affluence of the neighborhood never occurred to me (like I said - I figured I'd be moving into a somewhat lower income area). This is a little place, but I'm excited to have a yard and I'm excited to be a home-owner. That's what I'm psyched about.

    2. You're not a home-owner until you've paid off your mortgage. ;)

      Falls Church is uber-white (90% of the population), skews on the young side, and is in the center of much of the HQ for the American defense industry. It is also a very, very, very boring place to live.

    3. Interesting - we are actually NOT Falls Church. The house address on the listing says Falls Church, but I just checked a map and we are outside the city limits. So we're Fairfax County, and maybe for some reason the post office out of falls church covers us... I don't know. Or the screwed up on the listing. Anyway - pretty close to the line.

      The way Virginia works, cities aren't parts of counties - they are independent jurisdictions. To your initial comment, there actually is no "Falls Church County", just like Alexandria, Richmond, Williamsburg, etc. are not part of any county.

      I'm just happy to be in Northern Virginia and to have a yard. Can't wait till May 10th!!!

    4. Anonymous - well I know our new neighbors to the right and directly across the street aren't white just from visiting the other day. Anyway, that doesn't matter so much to me - I am excited to have a yard.

      What's with all this local demographics obsession in the comments??? It IS better than Ron Paul proselytizing, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

  2. Anonymous - I'll have a big chunk of it in less than a week! The point is I'll be a co-owner, and my other co-owner will own a much bigger chunk for the foreseeable future!

  3. For me I've never understood the desire to live in NOVA; a year was enough for me.

    If I told you I was moving to Butte, Montana or Mission Viejo, California or Lubbock, Texas and you had lived there you'd probably have some things to say about the place.

    Ron Paul? Meh.


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