Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Go to William and Mary for excellent teaching

The Princeton Review released a list of the three hundred best professors in the country, and William and Mary did awesome - ten professors listed. That was more than any other school, with the exception of Mount Holyoke (14) and James Madison University (11). James Madison, of course, is also in Virginia - and it's where my sister will be graduating from this spring. Harvard and Yale had only two each (Mankiw was one of the two at Harvard), and Princeton only had one.

I had class with two of the ten W&M professors: Rowan Lockwood (geology), and Jim Whittenburg (history). I had Prof. Lockwood for her first semester there - it was a general education requirement, but I really enjoyed the class. I had Whittenburg for a great Virginia history seminar that met on Saturdays. We would start with a discussion in the Wren Building (the original college building, where Thomas Jefferson took classes - and also where Kate and I got married), and then we'd go on trips for the day to different historical sites in the state. Both deserve this honor very much.

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