Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some project updates

- This morning I submitted a shortish research note to the Cambridge Journal of Economics on the 1920-1921 depression.

- A draft of the engineering paper is in the hands of my co-author now and should continue to progress. The presentation of the paper went OK on Monday. I'm usually my toughest critic on presentations and I personally thought it was rough, but I got good feedback. Verbalizing ideas can be harder than writing them, I think.

- I have one project I'm actually writing for right now - developing the idea in this blog post into something. As always, we'll see how that goes. Sometimes these things don't make it past a detailed outline. But with a lot of the engineering paper out of the way of my early mornings now, perhaps I can make some progress.

Anyone working on anything interesting?

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  1. I'm nearly finished with Ostrom's "Governing the Commons."


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