Friday, June 24, 2011

I am reading this

...if I am not in the waves, sipping some wine, or fishing


  1. I'm sure all the "nation building"* we're about to do at home will fix all of that. Though of course we're still going to have more boots on the ground in Afghanistan than when Obama entered office.

    *Is there a more Orwellian term in public discourse these days? Maybe "kinetic military action" is worse, but not by much.


    So what is this work's main thesis exactly?

  2. Countering conventional wisdom that says the labor market is being "hollowed out" of good middle-skill jobs. It uses the LEHD which is a great new employer-employee linked dataset that I hope to be able to use for my dissertation.

    I'm reading it for a literature review I'm writing for work for your "New Unemployment Project" - which is a series of publications on unemploypment in the Great Recession.

  3. Isn't that the CW only amongst the talking heads on CNN, MSNBC, etc. and politicians?

    There was a lot of talk about that sort of thing in the recent Republican debate of course, and even someone who should have known better - Ron Paul - went along with it.

  4. I'm not even sure if talking heads have much of an opinion on this.

    This book is largely in response to an economic literature by Autor, Levy, Murname, etc.

  5. Well, talking heads are all the time discussing the "hollowing out" of the American middle class.

  6. Link I thought I would pass on:

  7. Hey Daniel,

    This isn't related, but I was thinking back on something you said relating Posner and I was wondering if you read that book you told me about: A Failure of Capitalism?

    I'm considering getting it since I've only read one take on the crisis(in Iceland) and was wondering if you would recommend it.


  8. Octahedron -
    I haven't read it yet. I've been thinking some recently about Posner's "conversion" to Keynesianism, so I was thinking of picking it up.

    So I can't recommend one way or the other. I've heard the book is a little hurried (understandable given how quickly it came out), but obviously Posner is a thoughtful guy. I won't get to it any time soon.

  9. Alright thanks. I'm currently reading Tragedy of the Euro by Bagus in the meantime since the ebook version was free.


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