Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend project

The original pantry had these weak wire shelves going from about halfway up to the top, with no good use of space on the bottom. Now we've got much sturdier stuff and much better use of space. I especially like making room for some of the cook books/Food and Wine magazines. I need to add some veneer to the front of the bottom shelf and probably repaint the whole thing at some point, but it's operational at least!

Modular drawers, moveable shelves.


  1. It looks quite organized and tidy ... for now.

  2. What the heck is that overhead projector-looking thing?

    1. It's an aerogarden ( Kate's mom got it for us a while back. We had it up and running in the apartment but haven't set it up here yet. With more growing space outside its less necessary, although around this time of year it would be a good way to have fresh herbs on hand (we don't really do plants inside because of the hellions).

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