Monday, February 11, 2013

Just fyi

Apropos of the prior post and some other frustrating things I've heard.

- I did not support the Iraq war under Bush and I voted for Obama in large part because he said he was going to get us out and I believed him.

- I did not support torture under Bush and my impression is it's not going on under Obama. If it is I find that unconstitutional.

- I did not oppose drones under Bush and I don't oppose them under Obama. It's an incredibly humanitarian innovation, although it has to be used tactfully.

- I did not oppose the use of Guantanamo prison under Bush and I don't under Obama.

- I did oppose the violation of habeas corpus rights and my understanding has been that Obama has conformed to Supreme Court rulings, although I confess I haven't looked into that for many months. Obviously if that's not the case I oppose it under Obama too.

- I did support Bush's prosecution of the war on terror. In fact there were certain cases where I thought he didn't prosecute it vigorously enough because of the distration in Iraq. I obviously still support it under Obama.

Still no comments, but if dumb accusations were bubbling up about me in your mind, I thought this was probably worth sharing.