Thursday, February 7, 2013

John McCain is far too optimistic on the multiplier

Even I don't think it's that big.

Maybe when I said Congress wasn't Keynesian I was wrong!

Or maybe I was exactly right and they're just politicians and will say one thing one day and one thing another and the idea that Keynes is the guiding light for politicians is still absurd (even if a Nobel laureate says it).


  1. Its not clear that McCain is talking about multiplier effects. He could be referring to jobs at defense suppliers.

    1. Boooo - not as funny. He was talking about Keynes!

    2. We would have to see the economic analysis he is referring to before we could say that he is relying on a "Keynesian" multiplier effect. It is funnier if he is quoting a Keynesian analysis.

  2. And the fact that you think defense cuts deserved an "ugh" further confirms that you incorrectly think wasting resources can make us richer. Sequestration was a silver lining. Alas, I imagine it was a dishonest shell game from conception.


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