Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why aren't there more women in the libertarian movement?

Steve Horwitz and Sarah Skwire have an impassioned piece on the issue.

My wife has long told me that women are smarter than men, and I've always figured that the lack of women in the libertarian movement was a critical piece of empirical evidence in favor of her argument!


  1. Why are there systematic differences in the viewpoints of female and male economists?

    1. Because men and women are different and have different values and political views.

  2. Well, you answered your own question if that is what you are going with.

  3. I was amused to find out that promotion of orgasms is liberal propaganda. =)

    From what I have been able to gather, libertarians are even more overwhelmingly white than male. Libertarians face the problem that fundamental to their own ideology are positions that run counter to many others' experiences. In the video, Token Libertarian Girl indicates disbelief in the gender wage gap. I know there is some complexity to this issue, but I also know many women who have experienced gender discrimination in the work place and to either deny it exists or that there should be no legal mechanism to address it doesn't really come across that well to women.

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  5. Possibly the worst comment section I have encountered in a long time. I pointed out to them that libertarians are empirically generally white males and they went absolute nuts - between the insults, there were references to Obama being elected to prove black people are fine, along with refusal to even look up the meaning of the word 'privilege.'

  6. Until very recently the world of what we might call geekery was dominated by white males; that is less the case today. Broadly speaking American society has had a significant gender bias that is only now starting to dissipate; not surprisingly libertarianism in part reflects that.

  7. The comment section is a far better indication of why libertarians might have a problem. Several very thoughtful comments are brought up by committed libertarians who happen to be women, only to be absolutely shot down by men offering ridiculous criticisms. I think BHL would do better to conduct an examination of their own comment section to answer their question.


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