Sunday, January 13, 2013

Buchanan wrap up

I just wanted to collect all my posts here.

Reactions to people
- My take on thoughts from Grant McDermott (A JEL article)
- My take on thoughts from Mario Rizzo (Cost and Choice)
- My take on thoughts from Brad DeLong (exactly right but some claims are overstated)
- My take on thoughts from Garret Jones (you ned the constitutions AND the public choice)
- My take on thoughts from Tyler Cowen (constitutions and the dual nature of the mistake on Keynes)
- My take on thoughts from Kevin Currie-Knight (you need the constitutions AND the public choice)
- My take on "thoughts" from Matt Yglesias (no, he is not overrated - if anything he's underrated)

Praise of Buchanan
- Extended thoughts on constitutional economics (including how I came to it, why it matters so much to me)
- "How you know a thinker is great" (Buchanan demolishes Gordon and Gordon wrote the article!)

Criticisms of Buchanan
- Why I do not think "Order Defined in the Process of Its Emergence" is as good as a lot of people seeem to think it is

The Boudreaux Distraction
- Boudreaux is wrong (I think I should have a tag for this... except I never use tags anymore)
- Boudreaux reels it back in
- Ken B nails it
- Why Boudreaux is wrong


  1. So, I'm curious, why hasn't the recent death of Hirschman (early December 2012) caused as much debate as that of Buchanan? _Exit, Voice, and Loyalty_ is a fairly profound work whether one agrees with it or not.

    1. I saw a lot of discussion of Hirschman. I didn't write about it because I didn't personally know him as well. I think the thing with Buchanan is that since he was so relevant to the GMU community and there are a ton of blogs by GMU profs or former GMU students.

      Plus as far as I know no Matt Yglesias equivalent made an ass of himself with Hirschman

    2. Well, not nearly enough for my tastes. :)

      And your last remark possibly explains why Hirschman's death didn't get nearly as much coverage in the blogosphere as Buchanan's has (even though Hirschaman's views ought to be fairly controversial to lots and lots of people).

    3. Doing a very brief search via Google comes up with zero Yglesias posts about Hirschman - so Hirschman's legacy was spared that apparently. :)


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