Monday, January 21, 2013

Nothing like an inauguration to bring out the crazies on facebook that you've friended in the last year so that you know to defriend them...

...I thought it was yesterday, but apparently that was just an initial swearing in. I probably would have forgotten it entirely if it weren't for the port-a-potties circling the Mall this past week.


  1. Clearly you don't have tenure yet.

  2. Since 90% of everything is crap one would expect 90% of all speech to be crap; still, to get that 10% of non-crappy requires that other 90% exist so don't defriend people too flippantly. :)

  3. OTOH, I am certain that only super partisan types really care about the inaugural either way enough to comment on them to any impassioned degree, so maybe defriending them isn't a bad idea (whether they are for Obama or not).

    Then again, I am anti-inaugural because even as "consequential rituals" (not quite sure if that is what they are, but that is how I would describe them) they don't have much heft anymore. They seem mostly to serve the purpose of intra-party high-fiving (as well as the same purpose found in royal ascensions to the throne) but it is an older form of doing such things that has lost almost all of its emotional resonance for most people (as have the political conventions for that matter). Since we're not Romans you'd think some enterprising political entrepreneur would come up with a more compelling version of this sort of transfer (or holding for another term in this case) of potestas.

  4. Hey, we're still friends!

    To be honest, I wasn't aware that this event was happening until I noticed all of my neighbors talking about it. I hate to bring up race, but needless to say, if you live in a primarily black neighborhood and are one of only two white people living in an apartment building, you tend to hear a lot about Obama.

    1. Granted, the way you talk about my good buddy Wenzel, I may have to reconsider that :)

    2. There's always a certain ambivalence when it comes to cutting ties with people, and it certainly isn't helpful when you know that it might offend others within the same "group". Burning bridges is not a particular joy of mine (I try to avoid it altogether), but sometimes it is necessary. I just wish that I was more tactful in doing so.


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