Friday, January 4, 2013

Not a bad Friday

I found out I got the highest term paper grade in the econometrics class, I got my Gordon Wood book in the mail, and at the last minute I got invited to eat lunch in the House of Representatives dining room, a table over from Rep. Grayson (and I saw Doug Elmendorf on the way over - the invitation came from someone in the same building as the CBO).


  1. Daniel, are you a celebrity in your class? I mean, you get linked by DeLong (did Krugman ever link you?), and of course, I imagine lots of girls ask you if you've actually met me.

    1. I get questions about you all the time of course, but honestly I don't talk about the blog much. A few people are aware of it but I don't know if any really follow it, there is a guy two years ahead of me that I knew from GW that I know follows it so probably knows DeLong links to me.

      Talk is largely restricted to problem sets and readings - I'm guessing you know what that pressure cooker is like. The other thing is so much of my class is foreign and not very interested in American political and social issues that I'm not really sure they'd take much interest in the blog anyway!


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