Sunday, September 30, 2012

There is shockingly little literature on the economic thought and economic policy thought of Dr. King

I am picking up a summer project I had started on the subject...

...does anyone know any good peer-reviewed articles? It's astonishing how little there is, which makes me more glad I'm getting this down.


  1. Unfortunately, I don't. This might be something worth writing a book on, Daniel. From a quick glance at Google Scholar though, it seems that the literature covering Dr. King's views on economic thought are covered in academic fields like law, religion, and history. As for journals I would recommend submitting to, they would include Italy's History of Economic Ideas and Italy's History of Economic Thought and Policy.

  2. google Mathew Forstater, idiot

    1. What the hell is your problem?

      Yes, I have two or so papers Forstater has written on the subject. Indeed, I have some besides Forstater. That still doesn't make for a very extensive literature.


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