Thursday, March 1, 2012

The agility of consumer society is amazing

I had never even heard of Hunger Games until Kate got and read all three this weekend on her Nook. Yesterday on the metro I saw half a dozen people with the same damn book.

I had this experience with Girl with the Dragon Tattoo a couple months back too.

Today I am reading Wickens's Macroeconomic Theory: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Approach in preparation for my midterm tonight... I wonder when they're going to make a movie out of that?

Speaking of things I didn't know until the last couple days: apparently Woody Harrelson's dad was a contract killer.

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  1. Speaking of economics at the movies, I wonder when will they make a bio-pic of John Maynard Keynes or Joseph Schumpeter...both have plenty of good biographical details to make an excellent bio-pic.


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