Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Journal Issues

- The March issue of the Review of Austrian Economics is here. It's a special issue on anarchism and Southeast Asia, so you anarcho-capitalists might be especially interested.

- The March issue of the Cambridge Journal of Economics, a Keynesian journal that leans Post-Keynesian/left Keynesianism, is here. This is where my note on 1920-1921 was published back in January. No particular theme to this one, but the first article looks like it may be of interest to some readers. It discusses emergent order in economics.

- I mentioned the new journal, the Review of Keynesian Economics, on here yesterday. It turns out they have the first three issues already laid out. You can find the table of contents for those here. One very good thing is that there seems to be a lot of discussion of contemporary issues. That's excellent - another good sign that this journal is not going to get bogged down in internecine struggles. Those of you familiar with modern proponents of more traditional Keynesianism should recognize a lot of names in these first several issues.

- Finally, Critical Review has a new facebook page. Make sure you check that out - lots of good updates and links.


  1. Don't forget your article in the QJAE, and the instantaneous rejoinder that follows it!

    How is that even possible?

    1. They basically published their referee report - verbatim in a lot of sections of their rejoinder.

      This frustrated me a lot. I think they missed a lot of points. Anyway, I just found out yesterday that a shorter reply to this rejoinder that I submitted has been accepted.


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