Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Krugman responds to demonization by MR bloggers

Paul Krugman has a response up to Alex and Tyler that is quite good. I have to say I was personally a little surprised that both Alex and Tyler wrote what they did, because usually they don't play the Krugman attack game like a lot of people do. Usually the critics are frustrating because they're so numerous, but fairly transparent. It's almost exclusively the biggest bullies in the blogosphere that complain about Krugman being a bully. But this was a little different.


  1. I've always liked Krugman's bluntness, but I can understand how it can be too much sometimes.

    Out of curiosity though Daniel Kuehn, what is your favorite scholarly work by Mr. Krugman? I don't claim to have read all of his work in academia, but from what I've read, I like his working paper on the international finance multiplier and his attempts to incorporate Hyman Minsky into the mainstream.

  2. Was the issue of manners or demonization at all the main point of Tyler Cowen's post or was it one of the points? Why was it construed as a "Krugman isn't mannered enough" post? Just asking.

  3. Krugman's basic problem is that he's a jerk. Combine that with all the just the plain wrong stuff he says and he's naturally going to rub non-fan boys the wrong way.

    Something I sort of wish someone would do (and I'm not the first to mention this) is create a market in pundit comments and predictions.


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