Friday, January 27, 2012

Good Genes + Persistent Libido = A Prolific Presidential Legacy

Apparently two of President John Tyler's grandchildren are still alive today (HT - Jenn Sykes). That's what continuing to have kids into your sixties (President Tyler), and your seventies (his son Lyon Gardiner Tyler) will get you! This is of personal interest because Lyon Gardiner Tyler is closely related to William and Mary - he was its seventeenth president and has lots of stuff named after him there. President Tyler was an alum as well.


  1. Out of curiosity Daniel, why did you pick the College of William and Mary as your alma mater?

    1. The summer after my junior year, my dad, brother and I went camping around the state to look at various state schools (in the U.S., you get a cheaper tuition if you're in-state). I'm not sure what it was - just got attached to the place. I knew as soon as I was on campus I wanted to go there. It's a high quality school. UVA was too - and I liked that as well - but way too many people from my high school went to UVA. I only ended up applying to two - William and Mary and Virginia Tech as a safety. That's not much of an answer, but it really was just a feeling that I belonged there.


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