Sunday, January 1, 2012

I've said it before - you have to be impressed with this guy - nothing gets by Paul Krugman

"I see that some people out there don’t like me."


  1. People spend so much time rebutting Krugman, but more often than not, when he actually responds, he smacks them down pretty convincingly.

  2. Unlearningecon,

    Krugman is wrong all the time when it comes to stuff outside the very, very narrow area of knowledge he knows something about.

  3. So in other words Vader, he's exactly like every other human.

  4. As Lord Vader says, a lot gets by Krugman.

    I myself am a rather evil whisky swilling member of the Illuminati. Lord Vader and I often get together on the evenings to plot the conquest of the world. He drinks Talisker, I prefer Laphroaig. Professor Krugman often helps us because he supports the idea that government policies are formed by well meaning bureaucrats and that politics is the driven by the complexities of the voice of the masses.

    I think Krugman, like the author of this blog, has never really encountered the people, the masses for whom he writes. The real politics of the masses is a simple cry of rage against whatever appears to be wrong at the time. It has no subtlety, like the grain spirit in blended whisky has not subtlety. The substance of it is added from the top by (single malt) ideas floating around the intelligentsia at the time.

    The problem with Mr. Krugman, and with Daniel is they don't drink enough.

  5. CharerCarl,

    We're of the same mind and stuff.

  6. The elixir of lubricated minds, it appears.


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