Friday, May 27, 2011

Two new blogs I'm following

One probably not new to most of you, but one might be.

- First is Octahedron's blog - a relatively new commenter here with Austrian and libertarian sympathies and from what I can tell a very open mind to other ideas. He wrote a post recently reacting to my post on the distributions of reasons for opposing certain policies to address racial inequality from 1968 here.

- Second is David Friedman's blog. I'm sure most of you are familiar with David. I am, I just haven't followed his blog until now. For those who don't realize, David is Milton's son. I'm sure having that pointed out all the time bugs him, but oh well - I have to provide context for those who aren't aware :)

If any other readers have blogs I should be following please let me know (even if you don't actually comment much here). I like to follow what people are thinking and writing.


  1. Thanks!

    You should check out:


    Left-wing perspective:

    My favorite(another quasi-monetarist):

  2. Thanks! All on my blogroll already except Angry Bear - now I'm following.

    Ya, unfortunately Scott Sumner has mostly stopped blogging. Still a good resource to go back to.

  3. Some day I should share my whole google blogroll on here and see what people think I'm missing.

    I count 114, but many of them aren't posting regularly.

  4. No problem! I was actually looking through Sumners earlier entries that I missed. Good stuff. Thankfully he'll be back after July 4th. Can't wait.


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