Friday, March 4, 2011

Two new blogs to follow

First, a good friend has started a cooking blog that already has several tastey looking entries. Having sampled her huevos rancheros, venison, and various other dishes and appetizers (parmesan cheese slices on green apples slices... simple... unexpected.. one of the tastiest cheese appetizers I've ever had), I can attest to her abilities.

Second, regular commenter Gary Gunnels has started a blog about his mountain climbing. I believe he has a big trip in the works - he can probably tell you more about it in the comment section.


  1. Have you seen this new video of John Maynard Keynes dancing?

  2. :)

    No, but I've seen this one:

  3. Wait wait, that's real!

    There's so much one doesn't know about the most famous mustachioed man from Britain.

    Also Virginia Woolf passed a sarcastic remark about Keynes.

    Virginia Woolf's father once said that anybody who believes there is a relation between aggregate demand and employment was not worth of being an economist.

    So could she have been...? No, it's unlikely.

    Damn, everybody in Britain's elite establishment knew each other. John Maynard Keynes was with a famous ballerina while his general acquaintances included Bertand Russell and D. H. Lawrence. Then again, Churchill once visited Somerset Maugham during his dirty pool parties, so it's all just like a caricature of what you'd like to imagine happened...but actually happened!

  4. I'll be hiking the Pacific Crest Trail starting ~April 26th. There will be more info to come on the blog.

  5. You are too kind! Thank you :) I'm always happy to feature requests, too!

  6. I am only too kind in the hopes of being fed.

    This is still high praise, though. Economists call it "revealed preference" (I swear - yo ucan google it!).

  7. Daniel,

    Re: revealed preferences - does this mean you want me to drag you up the Eiger sometime in the future? ;)

    Dr. J.,

    Is it appropriate for me to post recipes on your blog? Love that brie stuffed french toast recipe, BTW - I will have to try it this weekend!

  8. Speaking of new blogs:

  9. Gary,

    That would be great! Please do post recipes--we'll be happy to try them out too! Excited to see some new dishes!

    Let me know how the french toast goes :)


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