Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Disappointing news

Apparently, Facts and Other Stubborn Things did not make the Top 40 Libertarian Sites list.

I am both shocked and disappointed, and I want to assure readers I'll try harder in the coming year.

Jonathan announces a milestone for the Economic Thought blog. We have not topped 12,000 hits per month, but we've been over 10,000 for the last couple months and well over 6,000 for a long time before that. Jonathan has a nice cadre of followers (441 on Facebook), and a traffic every time he publishes on Mises.org, which certainly helps get the message out.

I'll try and think of something salacious to post to boost the hits for March.


  1. You can't scare me with post titles like that. I thought you were going to announce rejection letters from doctoral programs.

    It kind of sickens me how prolific you are with this blog, and how many hits we apparently get. It's got to be the same few posters returning again and again, because I know my blog has more followers than this one.

    I suppose you also post multiple times a day... that'll do it too.

  2. I suspect my readership is wider than the people that "follow" me officially. Until just a couple weeks ago there were only five or six.

  3. This blog has 43 people subscribed to the rss feed- so yes, definitely more than the handful that "follow", either through google or networked blogs... but still less than half of the 115 that subscribe to my blog at the moment. I think the difference for traffic comes from this blog's much higher post volume, and the more conversational atmosphere that results in more frequent visits for commenting. My subscribers just ain't friggin' loyal enough. ;)

    I do like how we're both referring to this blog as yours. I really do need to get around to taking my name off of it, although I'd still like to stick around as author for the occasional post.

  4. Economic Thought is more widely read than FAOST? But this blog is so regularly updated. And Jonathan's blog can be so...wordy...and academic sometimes.

    On another note, I am astonished by the very low comments-to-hits ratio observed on any blog. It's as if there is one regular commenter for every 1000 hits.


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