Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Texas Independence

Evan and I were born in Texas, so I have to mention this - 175 years ago, today, Texas declared itself a republic, independent from Mexico.

I went to the 2009 Southern Economic Association conference in San Antonio, and although I wasn't there long I made sure I stopped by the Alamo before I left. The Battle of the Alamo was raging when independence was declared. One thing that amazed me was how small the building was. It was not a place that I would like to be outnumbered ten-to-one. They've done a really nice job presenting it - a nice walk-way around the building, and good literature and presentation of the battle outside. I didn't even go in but I got a good view of a lot of the complex. It's definitely worth seeing.


  1. What is not generally acknowledged is that nearly half of Mexico as we know it today split off during the 1830s and 1840s; there were broad support in the American south to pick up the Yucatan so as to expand American slavery there.

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  3. Today is also the BDay of Dr. Seuss.


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