Monday, July 1, 2013

Where are others fleeing to?

So that dumb Google Reader demise is happening (and of course I wait until the last minute to do something about it). I'm migrating my feeds to Kate has been using it for a couple weeks now (of course she was more prompt in addressing the Reader issue) and likes it - but does anyone else use any other platforms that you are particularly happy with?


  1. You might checkout Flipboard. Info is at I believe you can transfer your feed list through today.


    is not perfect but was (for me) a one-click migration from google reader

  3. I'm in agreement with Rob Rawlings. Feedly is very similar to Google Reader, so the transition was easy. It imports your Google Reader feeds painlessly and runs in your browser and/or as a *free* iOS/Android app. The entire migration process took only a few minutes. Although I relied heavily on Google Reader, I haven't missed it.

  4. I'm using The Old Reader. I'm stuck on a pretty crappy computer at my office that only runs IE9, so "does it work well and consistently on my browser" is pretty much my best and only metric and The Old Reader does the trick. It's not the prettiest but it's highly functional and that's good enough for now, at least.


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