Saturday, December 1, 2012

What's left

- A five page paper for Macro Political Economy - just a review of an article

- A longer paper for Gender Micro... maybe a third written right now. It's on time use and time in household production over the business cycle

- 8 minute presentation of the tax credit paper - easy cheesy

- 15 minute presentation of the gender paper - I need something resembling results by Tuesday even though the paper is due a week and a half from now... hmmm...

- Macro Political Economy final

- Two meetings for the Sloan Foundation project in the midst of all of this. Bad timing, but of the three of us I have more of my shit together on this project.

- Writing the review of Hayek's business cycle theory (which largely amounts to stitching together odds and ends that I have already).

- If I have time, write a grant proposal for the NSF to supplement this Sloan work by mid-January. I would love to graduate with a project officer at the NSF that has funded and likes my work. That would very much help me on the job market, I think. A relationship with Sloan and the NSF means good progress towards a funded career studying the science and engineering labor market.

- Roasting a goose. That's our Christmas Eve ambition. Kate's mom and her boyfriend are coming in from New Mexico and we've decided to kick it up a notch from turkey. I've made a turkey every year for the last ten years at some point between November and December. Even if we're not hosting a holiday thing, we make sure to have one, because you have to roast a turkey at least once a year. We made one for my sister in law and her fiance pre-Thanksgiving, so I'm looking to bigger things for Marie and Chuck.

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