Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Two strange things I saw this morning

1. A large man, in pajamas and a bath robe, taking the metro from Gallery Place to Tenleytown. In other words, this guy wasn't making a quick stop to the nearest grocery store... he went across the city in a bath robe. I have not come up with a satisfying explanation and I did not have the balls to ask him.

2. A plate in the kitchen of the econ department with "Made in the People's Republic of China" on the back - not "Made in China". I've never seen it written like that. It was an IKEA plate. Do they write "People's Republic of China" out in Europe or something?

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  1. 2) is probably an artifact of the fudged US policy position on the Two Chinas question. If you don't specify which China, you don't have to answer the question of which government is the legit one. A lot of countries don't care about that.


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