Saturday, October 6, 2012

This put me in a better mood this morning


Now I'm going to make french toast, which will without a doubt raise my mood even more.

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  1. I know that part of the reason why we don't include people who have not recently been looking for work in unemployment data is that the number we are looking for is the shortage, which means that people who do not wish to work at the current level at which their skills are priced should not be included. I can think of roughly 3 large groups of non-workers who would not take a job if it was offered at their price level: kids still in school, students (though I suppose somebody who cannot find work at the current price level might choose college as a result) and retirees. Has their been any analysis of whether there are many other people who do not work and are not unemployed? (according to the economic definition) My intuition is no and that therefore, we should use a measure similar to the one cited by Krugman instead of the unemployment numbers. But my intuition has sometimes been wrong.


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