Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Damn it! Now that he names me, I have to actually blog about economics I guess...

Noah Smith does a great job pondering some points about whether blogging hurts your career, and he mentions me along with several other grad student bloggers. I concur with pretty much everything he says here (you can see some thoughts from me in the comment section too).


I know posting here has been slow, though... a few difficult "real life" things came up this weekend, and now for some reason it is "attack the to do list week" for a bunch of editors and reviewers. I have three revisions (one chapter, one article, and one research brief), with a likely fourth coming soon to work on.

Thankfully, my co-investigators on the Sloan grant aren't quite as industrious - I don't expect to hear back from them on my draft for that any time in the near future.

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