Friday, June 1, 2012

Hestia Tobacco

David, a good friend and rowing buddy of mine from college, has been working on a cigarette company over the past few years called Hestia Tobacco.  It looks like the labyrinthine process of government regulation is finally nearing completion, and the project may actually see the light of day pretty soon.  (Which is bad for me, I suppose, because now I might not get any more Hestias gratis!)

You can hear David talk about Hestia and support it at crowdfunder.  Starting an account and supporting the company is easy... even I figured out how to do it. 
When did smoking become our generation's hidden vice, instead of our occasional indulgence? We smoke, but we're not smokers. You appreciate the difference. We embarked on our odyssey to find artisanal cigarettes, only to find the tentacles of Big Tobacco's corporate hegemony deftly spanning continental divides. We founded Hestia Tobacco upon the premise that less is more. Natural filters. Pure fiber papers. Organic tobacco culled of all seeds and stems, and blended to a strict, natural recipe.


  1. Hey, Daniel, your blog has been hacked by an advertisement posting bot.

    1. I'm offended!

      In any case, this would be a pretty impressive posting bot.

  2. I always thought that Daniel's readership pined for those rare times when I log on and post something unrelated to... whatever you all talk about these days.

  3. Nothing against Hestia, but Nat Sherman beat them to it many years ago. Like David, I was never a smoker, but I did smoke on occasion. I chose Nat Sherman's cigarettes because they were all natural. :)


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