Friday, June 15, 2012

Teresa Sullivan

A lot of people I know are up in arms about the University of Virginia forcing Teresa Sullivan - president of the University for two years - to resign. I don't know the details of the case - it all seems very opaque. I'm inclined to give Sullivan the benefit of the doubt.

Does anybody know details about this?

I recently read that Sullivan is a sociologist that has done work on "labor force demography", which from what I can gather is basically just looking at how minorities and women fare in the labor market.

Here are some publications.

She seems to have co-authored a lot recently with Elizabeth Warren on bankruptcy. Early in her career she wrote a piece on the sociology of science. Here's another interesting looking piece on measures of underemployment.

I considered applying to the University of Virginia, but decided I liked William and Mary better. We had a joke at William and Mary about UVA:

Q: Why did Thomas Jefferson found the University of Virginia?

A: Because his kids weren't smart enough to get into William and Mary [Jefferson went to William and Mary - I actually got married in the chapel that he would attend while at school].

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