Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Can somebody at Blogger tell me why my spacing changes in my posts every time I go to edit it?

I am only on Blogger because I have not been inspired to exert the effort to change to a whole different platform. Commenters have complained about various things as well (the functioning of the comment section has improved and I actually think it's better than a lot of other sites).

The point being, I know Blogger representatives monitor posts where the name "Blogger" comes up, so perhaps you could give me an answer to this little frustration of mine.

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  1. Blogger is chock full of problems. I get these spacing issues all the time as well. One thing is to switch to html view -- the code is very simple, and it is usually possible to see the problem in that view. If you don't understand a piece of code, feel free to ask me.

    By the way, ThinkMarkets is on WordPress, and that has its own problems. It has never impressed me as clearly superior to Blogger.

    And by the by the way, no one from Blogger has ever responded to my griping about their awful mobile site, so don't hold your breath!


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