Monday, January 3, 2011

William & Mary Policy Review Call for Papers

If you have any policy-relevant papers near completion that you're looking for a forum for, I'd like to call your attention to the William & Mary Policy Review. It's a relatively new journal associated with the public policy school that should have good potential. One of the thing's that's nice about it (aside from it being out of William & Mary) is that it seems to publish both students and faculty.

Over the next month or so they'll be accepting submissions for their Spring 2011 volume. They publish in the Spring and Fall.

I have discussed - and I know Jonathan and others have discussed - the struggles of publishing in such a competitive field when you're still a student. This might be something that new or aspiring scholars might want to look into.

I won't be pulling anything together for the Spring, but we'll see what my plate looks like when the Fall call for papers comes around.

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