Saturday, November 3, 2012

Why I am not surprised that Christie is imposing dumb gas regulations...

...because this state has always been a basket case when it comes to gasoline. I'll never understand why I had to sit in the August sun on the turnpike in my old car that did not have AC to wait to get gas because an absent-minded gas pumper was taking forever to service four different cars at once. Needless to say every time after that I made sure my tank was full before entering the state. It may not be the costliest regulation, but it is one of the stupidest government regulations I've ever come across.


  1. Stupid regulation? Well, it has successfully prevented you from buying gas in New Jersey. ;)

  2. BTW, my memories of New Jersey are of a chemical dump.

  3. How can it be stupid? It's what the sovereign, self-governing people of New Jersey want. What are you, some "me me me" libertarian?


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