Wednesday, September 21, 2011


- Got an R&R from a comment I submitted - hope to have that back to them soon.

- I'll be presenting at the second NBER conference on the engineering labor force this Monday and Tuesday. On Monday I'll be presenting on supply and demand trends (the subject of the chapter), and I'll be giving another presentation on Tuesday about fears of shortages of engineers. This will kick-off a discussion with several policymakers, so it will be geared more towards that. This may turn into a second chapter of mine in the book.

- School is busy, but rewarding. I'm expecting to cut back on blogging as the semester gets more intense.

- Also - I used Casey Mulligan's examples about youth employment for my review session today! Granted, unlike Mulligan we talked about how the data he presented showed a regular seasonal supply shift AND a large negative demand shift.

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