Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some posts on Austrians

First Brad DeLong - you've gotta appreciate this: Austrians as the "mutant descendants" of Marxism. Now that sounds pretty cool even if you're not a DeLong fan, doesn't it? I wish I was someone's mutant descendant... ya'll would probably say I'm the mutant descendant of John Law or something, I don't know.

Matt Yglesias will probably also piss a few people off.

BTW - I kinda sorta defended you guys against Brad recently here.

There are problems with prominent non-Austrian treatments of the Austrian school to be sure, and I'll try to highlight those and highlight what I like in the Austrian school (yes, there are a few things I do like). I'll muster more moral indignation when I see a higher share of Austrians being reasonable in their approach to Keynesianism.

...and IMO, people should temper their outrage at a post with goofy Grecian dialogue and mutants.

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