Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Two event videos

Kevin Rollins blogs about and posts the video of the "Liberal Economists and the 2010 Election" event I attended on Sunday:


Also, yesterday the Urban Institute held an event called "Challenges for New Governors: Healing Battered Budgets and Employment Woes" that is now up on C-SPAN. Towards the end of the Q&A I remarked that the content of the panel was a little surprising - the title suggested we would be hearing about healing budgets and employment, but the panel framed the issue almost exclusively as a budget management/deficit reduction problem. The moderator (Margaret Simms, who has appeared in other vides I've linked to here before) prodded some discussion of employment after the presentations, but even then the discussion concerned structural unemployment and labor supply issues. My question was whether demand management is even on governors' radars or whether this is only discussed in federal budget discussions. I wasn't especially encouraged or satisfied by the responses (FYI - Bob Lerman, the third speaker, is one of my references for my doctoral applications).

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