Saturday, November 6, 2010


The first car I ever bought myself was a Dodge. Not even a car - it was a big conversion van. Not out of any loyalty to American car companies, though - it was cheap (by far the biggest factor), the back seat folded out into a bed, and it had track lighting inside. Track lighting. Pretty cool looking, and it could hold a lot of crap too (including a kayak or two, inside). Now I drive a Hyundai. Oh well - still a good commercial.


  1. I can't imagine that thing was cheap after gas and repairs. I remember loading it up with crap that we found here and there, though. And the Hawaiian bobble-head dancer.

  2. I never had any particularly expensive repairs that I recall. The gas was the real problem - but then, gas prices weren't especially high when I bought it.

  3. Clever commercial. Ugly American car.

    Hey, I have to be a snobby European more-cultured -than-thou about something.


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