Saturday, September 11, 2010

For Xenophon

There have been a lot of shout-outs to interesting thoughts from the comment section lately... Higgs on GDP, stickman's relative prices in climate change, ahtzib on Lovecraft and aliens, etc.

I thought I'd offer up this link for Xenophon - it's a regular interest of his. HT Tyler Cowen, which mean's Xenophon probably already saw it there, but oh well.


  1. This isn't the least bit surprising. The Caribbean played host to all manner of European "experiments" and "reforms" in prison administration. The classic example is the treadmill, which was adopted by the British Caribbean after the end of slavery to both punish people and teach the now recalcitrant freedmen "how to labor." Never mind of course that they wanted to labor for themselves, and not for their ex-masters, at least not for the latter at the wages the ex-masters wanted to pay.

  2. A treadmill:


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