Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Links and updates

- Excellent material from Bryan Caplan on IVs. The cites aren't new or anything - I imagine he's dug them up for his book on education - but they are definitely ones I'm going to file away. As you probably know, my working assumption is that IVs are voodoo.

- Mark Thoma on labor shortages. Believe it or not, we don't have them right now! The data is interesting. It's a very broad question but I like that it's produced across industries.

- My history of economic thought and macro political economy professor, Robert Blecker, is quoted in this Economist article on NAFTA.

Some updates on me - nothing particularly special going on just start of the new semester. I'm taking Micro II, Labor II, and the doctoral dissertation seminar this spring. I plan on getting a draft of my second dissertation essay written up for my Labor II class. I've submitted a book chapter and fixed up and resubmitted an article on household production to a journal this winter (got rejected from the last one). I've got a book review of Living Economics to finish up this week. Most of my time this semester will be dedicated to preparing to propose, my contract work for the National Academy of Engineering on the engineering technician workforce (meetings in January and March), and the Sloan research. I also just learned a panel I submitted to the Eastern Economic Association conference in Boston on generalized maximum likelihood methods got accepted. It's just several AU students that I pulled together. The paper is written but needs to be cleaned up before the conference. I plan on submitting that to the fall APPAM conference too.

That's it.

That'll bring me up to my labor comp in June I'm sure.


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    1. Alternates between the bane of my existence and happiness on the one hand and the best thing that ever happened to me on the other. the usual.

    2. Just wait till she's a teenager. :-) Two of my three are still teenagers and it is quite the ride (hell, the oldest is still a challenge).


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