Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I think a paper disucssing the relationship between the thinking of Beveridge, Hutt, Oi, and Kalecki on slack capacity would be really interesting...

As of right now I can only muster a modest discussion of the first two with passing references to the second two in this chapter for Guinevere Nell.

I wasn't even aware of Oi's work (a lot of it building on Hutt) until I did some googling after his death.


  1. Daniel,

    would you mind sending your paper about Hayek's BCT to a loyal reader of your blog without online access to Critical Review. Thank you!

    Email: loyal_reader_spam@gmx.de

  2. My thesis was on Oi and Hotelling's theories on monopoly-ish. Kalecki might be nice but I am not familiar with the others beyond Beveridge has a curve named after him to know how they might work with Oi.

  3. It seems that you're now adopting a quasi-Marxian flare, eh Daniel?

  4. Are you refusing to post more blog entries until someone produces a paper comparing Beveridge, Hutt, Oi, and Kalecki?


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