Sunday, December 29, 2013

Some links

- The Herndon, Ash, and Pollin response to Reinhart and Rogoff is going to be coming out in the Cambridge Journal of Economics, a fine publication if I do say so myself which focuses a lot on Keynesian, Post-Keynesian, and Classical economics.

- David Henderson has a nice tribute to Walter Oi, who passed away on Christmas Eve. David has written a lot on Oi's work on the all volunteer force and ending conscription. I've personally got a lot out of his work on labor as a quasi-fixed factor of production (it's sort of the starting point in the lit review of my apprenticeship chapter of my dissertation).

- Kitchens and Fishback have a new working paper on rural electrification.

- Hanushek et al. have a new working paper on variability in returns to skill across countries - variability is surprisingly high and current estimates underestimate the lifetime impact of skills.

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  1. Speaking of forthcoming things in the Cambridge Journal of Economics...did you also see either of these forthcoming pieces, Dr. Daniel Peter Kuehn?


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