Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Some links

1. C-SPAN aired an excellent hearing today on abuses of presidential power specifically in the area of encroachments on legislative power.

2. Ben Harris (Urban Institute/Brookings Tax Policy Center) explains why the next debt ceiling fight is likely to be worse than the latest one.

3. A summary of a recent discussion by Mike Rowe on elitism in employment and education, and what you could call non-academic skilled work. Richard Vedder is on Rowe's side, which was nice to see - I usually don't find a lot to agree with from Vedder.

4. The New York Times on apprenticeship. Great article. It quotes the chair of my dissertation committee on the first page.

5. Speaking of my chair, vote for his daughter's group - Maya and the Ruins - at Folk Alley's 2013 listener poll. It's a few steps... you've got to register, confirm an email they send, and then click on it again to vote. But I know 90% of my readers are not doing anything particularly productive with their time. Willie Nelson is also on the list, which gave me pause, but I felt OK voting for Maya and the Ruins cause I don't think it'll put much of a dent in Willie's career.


  1. @#4: Color me surprised: A NYT article about apprenticeshp, which you endorse ... and which turns out not to be very negative about the idea.

    1. WTF?!?!?

      People post to things they like on the internet!!!!


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