Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pete Seeger on gender economics and the engineering labor market


  1. Sorry to bother you, and off topic again, but did you ever find the reference for the "most job creation (and destruction) happens at large, mature establishments which are presumably primarily making capacity-utilization decisions rather than new capital-expenditure decisions" (Kuehn 2013: 506) statement in your excellent article, from Davis, S. J., Haltiwanger, J. C. and S. Schuh. 1996. Job Creation and Destruction. MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass.?

    1. Thanks for reminding me - They discuss job creation and destruction by firm size and age in Chapter 4. You can cite to page 57 - they give a summary of findings at the beginning of that reviews this finding.

      This is a very common finding in the literature. If you're going to have any variable in a longitudinal dataset on firms for a job creation and destruction study, it's obviously going to be the size of the firm, so everybody looks at this and they consistently fine that the biggest contribution comes from large firms. One caveat is that the book looks at manufacturing data. I probably should have noted that in the article (or added some cites for other studies). In the beginning this data was only collected for manufacturing establishments.


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