Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter books

This winter I spent a fair amount of time reading and researching the mid-20th century, Mid-Atlantic constitutional thought as it relates to federalism, and these acquisitions (thanks to Amazon gift cards and cheap used books) reflect that work. It's something I just kind of keep pushing forward bit by bit. I think Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina offer a nice set of cases. The public papers of Terry Sanford are looking less useful than I had hoped, although he wrote a very insightful book in 1967 that I picked up earlier in the year about federalism and the dangers posed to the states. I have plenty of resources on the situation in Maryland at the time, so I've focused on the others here (and some general federalism sources). Where North Carolina and Maryland provide examples of what I'd call reform federalism or positive federalism at this time, Virginia is a more mixed case, with more stereotypical negative federalism associated with the Byrd machine.

From New Federalism to Devolution: Twenty-Five Years of Intergovernmental Reform
Timothy J. Conlan

The Dynamic Dominion: Realignment and the Rise of Two-Party Competition in Virginia, 1945-1980
Frank B. Atkinson

Messages, addresses, and public papers of Terry Sanford, Governor of North Carolina, 1961-1965
Terry Sanford

Federalism, Liberty and the Law (The Collected Works of James M. Buchanan, Vol. 18)
James M. Buchanan

The Rise of Massive Resistance: Race and Politics in the South During the 1950s
Numan V. Bartley

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