Thursday, January 30, 2014

Had a delicious McDonalds breakfast this morning...

No white kids behind the counter at all (and there were a surprising amount of people behind the counter... the minimum wage was definitely not driving this place to automation).

In fact there were no kids at all. No one under thirty except MAYBE the woman serving me right at the register, but she was certainly close if she was under thirty.

I know this varies by labor market and by shift and season, but just a datum I thought I'd share.

UPDATE: But Peter Schiff was absolutely right - none of them appeared to be starving either. And I sincerely agree with him that we can thank the market economy for that.


  1. No white kids behind the counter at all...

    I judge my McDonald's employees by the content of their Egg McMuffins.

  2. Must be location or maybe time. I don't eat breakfast. So someone in their 30s would be expected to have 10+ years experience. What are the odds they are making minimum wage (or close to)?

    1. BTW, I meant location must be why my observations don't match yours not that yours are an anomaly.


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