Thursday, July 28, 2011

This is pretty disturbing

Investment advice on which companies are "exposed" to low-income families. The author notes that low-income families are going to be taking a hit in any deficit reduction package. He offers the requisite sympathies - he's not a complete monster. But then he gets to the meat of the article: how is their suffering going to impact your portfolio!

This is depressing stuff. The debt talks are bad enoughto listen to - it's really frustrating to see the fate of the budgets of low-income families discussed as if they were exchange rate fluctuations or heavy rain on Black Friday.


  1. I'm thinking it's time to invest in salt mines.

  2. Clearly we will be re-opening the silver mines of Laurium soon.

  3. I think EngineerScotty scooped you Gary.

  4. Daniel,

    No, that was me making light of EngineerScotty's statement. To be scooped by him I'd have to with the premise of your blog post.

  5. The writer of this article may be exactly wrong.

    In recessions it's often companies selling "value" goods that gain because the number of people on low incomes increases. This seems to be quite well known in Britain.

    I was in my local take-away today, Supermacs, it was full. They'd fitted new tables and counters, new coffee machines and introduced a new line of pizzas.


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